Saturday, February 13, 2016

Top Five at 5: 5 Songs about Love (February 13th, 2016)

It's almost Valentine's Day, and in this first edition of 'Top Five at 5' we are going to celebrate this day of love with five Korean songs about different kinds of LOVE that will get you through this Valentine's Day! Whether you have someone to spend it with, someone you are missing, or you are just celebrating SAD (Singles Awareness Day), there is a love song out there for you! So, here are my Top 5 love songs for Valentine's Day 2016!

1. 고배한는거야 (Confession) - Nam Taehyun of Winner/ Candy Jelly Love - Lovelyz

So, to start off the list I am kinda already cheating with two for our first entry. Here we have the Confession/First Love songs. The most pure of love songs, but these two choices are completely different in sound. To begin Nam Taehyun's song is about confessing your feelings for someone in the purest of ways, just letting them know outright that you want to be with them for essentially forever. His soothing and beautiful vocals accompanied with the minimalist but gorgeous backing track cause for a love song that could melt anyone's heart. In contrast, Lovelyz debut song 'Candy Jelly Love' is also a confession song but is more light-hearted, and compares their love to the sweetness of candy. For lack of a better word, it is a very 'sweet' song. Overall both are great for those that are new to falling in love or have a crush they dream of confessing to. These two songs could help you gain the confidence to confess this Valentine's Day!

2. Love You More - Kim Jaejoong

Number two is a relatively newer song by Kim Jaejoong of JYJ. He maybe in the military as of right now, but that doesn't keep him away from constantly giving gifts to his fans, and this song is surely a gift. This kind of love song is for the 'love of your passions' in life. It's a little different from loving someone else, but like the song and video suggest this kind of love can be a driving force to keep you going in life just as much as the love shared between people. It's a personal relationship that only you know and understand which makes it that much more precious! This song's pop-rock and slight EDM elements coupled with Kim Jaejoong's vocals cause for an amazing and powerful love song that you can hold dear to you this Valentine's Day!

3. Let U Go - Royal Pirates

We all knew this kind of song would appear, right? The 'Breakup/Heart Break' love song. These are the songs we sing when we miss someone, feel lonely, or we may have messed up in the relationship and need to apologize. Although Valentine's is a day dedicated to happy love, it's okay to cry a little and remember or even take the courage to apologize or fight for your relationship that may not be going so well right now. This song perfectly captures those regretful feelings and the fighting spirit needed to keep your love. This love song is very light rock-based, and the lyrics and vocals give off so much emotion that you could even mistake it for a ballad. #RockBallad   So, if you need a song to just rock out to and let out all the emotions this Valentine's Day, this is definitely your song!

4. Home - Roy Kim

Family. This is probably a person's biggest source of love in the world. Love from your family is unconditional. They are the one's you turn to the most in times of strife and sadness, and they warm your heart with their undying love. Roy Kim's song 'Home' showcases the power and importance of having this kind of love in your life with his clear and calming vocals, and captivating music video. If  you don't have a significant other this Valentine's Day, at least have peace in knowing that you have the love of family by your side!

5. Hello To Myself - Yenny of Wonder Girls (Dream High 2 OST)

This song is personally one of my favorites. Its a song directed toward yourself. The lyrics are about someone talking to their past self by writing a song and giving themselves encouragement to succeed and keep going to make it to a bright future. This type of love song is about 'self-love'! Sometimes you need to be alone, take care of yourself, and focus on you and your happiness to truly succeed in all things, including loving someone else. If you can't love yourself how do you expect to love someone else or for them to love you as well? Maybe if you are alone this Valentine's Day you can start on a self-love journey that could lead you to finding the right person that can perfectly respect and love you too. But, whatever kind of love you celebrate this Valentine's Day, I hope these songs will help you through it in one way or another. Happy Valentine's Day!!! ♡♡♡

-Risha (1/2 of NaBiFree Posts)

Friday, February 5, 2016

New Segment: Top Five at 5

Today I will be introducing a new segment called: 'Top 5 at 5'! This segment will at first mainly be centered around 5 songs in the Korean music industry that I think you should be listening to or should check out for yourself. These songs may be older or newer, and in some instances, will be centered around a theme, genre or particular artist for that week. This segment in the future could probably expand to include other world music, gaming, dramas, etc., but for now let's start off with this! These posts will be uploaded every other Saturday at 5pm Central Time, and in the the future I hope to have them also Uploaded simultaneously on our YouTube and Google+ pages! I hope you enjoy, and I'll see you next Saturday with the first installment!!!

~Risha   (1/2 of NaBiFree)

Monday, January 11, 2016

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